Thursday, 19 January 2012

London Art Fair

Went to the London Art Fair in Islington yesterday which I think is the best of all the large exhibitions. Good to see a large number of artists who have work here in TheARThouse Gallery represented. Must be doing something right!

Also collected my most recent purchase whilst I was up there, a remarkable lithograph by Graham Sutherland - "Ram's Head (Rocks & Skeletons) 1968" - pictured here.
The Art World sent Sutherland into the wilderness for a while, but his work kept popping up on various galleries' stands in London, so perhaps he is about to become favoured once more. Better go and buy some more.
Our cheerful friend is off to the framers shortly - should be back in the gallery in a couple of weeks if you want to buy him - or just pick a fight with him.

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