Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Bob Aylott

Way back in 1972 a then young Fleet Street photographer Bob Aylott took a series of photographs in a squalid Covent Garden squat. I can word the events no better than Paul Gallico whose piece has been used as the introduction to Bob's book "An Englishman's Castle" and is reproduced below. The book features 126 pages of those stunning photographs which must surely now rate as being of social historic importance.

The original bromide wet prints have been carefully stored in Bob's archive ever since and are now about to see the light of day once again exclusively through TheARThouse Gallery in Bournemouth.

The first 3 to be released for sale are shown below and futher information can be obtained by going to
Each original photograph is signed by Bob Aylott and will include a complementary copy of the book.

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