Saturday, 30 June 2012

Chris Billington

It's funny who you stumble across in the strange world of Twitter that we all now seem to be hooked on. Having become fellow Tweeps, there Chris and I discovered a lot in common leading to a meeting in the gallery nearly a year ago which became the catalyst for him to finally produce the work which had been formulating in his mind over several years.

Materialising as '2012 - Signs, Secrets & Symbols' a series of 27 paintings depicting an exploration of the metaphysical world as well as ancient symbols and secret codes, they can be seen in TheARThouse Gallery from 5th to 21st July. Working from a combination of extensive research, note taking, photographs and imagination, Chris has captured and filtered fragments of this enigmatic information and translated its power and energy through the visual device of these extraordinary works.

A full colour catalogue showing all the paintings with explanatory notes is avalable on request and the images can be seen by clicking on the following link:

World of the 5th Sun
Temple of the Moon


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