Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Christmas Selection

Struggling to find something special for that perfect present? I hope this helps.

Here I have selected a number of pieces that bear some reflection on the season and/or are at the lower end of the price scale of any particular artist's work. There are a few others that don't fit any of that, but it's my blog and I'll do........

All can be seen on the website and I have attached links to the artist page of each which provides detailed information. If you can't find what you are looking for please let me know as I have access to a wide range of work beyond that shown and am always happy to try to source for individual requirements.

What better way to start than with this delightful little woodcut depicting the Madonna & Child by John Liddell. John was a highly accomplished printmaker and produced a large number of images of local Dorset scenes, two of which are shown below - Swanage and Mudeford for those who do not know Dorset well.

CLICK HERE for John Liddell's page

Next, another lovely little piece, this time from up and coming West Country artist Adam Milford. Entitled 'Adit' it depicts a Cornish mining scene, albeit in abstract form. Whatever Adam's intention I think it also has a seasonal snowscene feel to it.

CLICK HERE for Adam Milford's page

'Temple of the Moon' from Chris Billington, a Cornish artist who had a very successful exhibition with us in 2012 and is becoming collected internationally with recent sales in Germany and New York.
I've just hung this for the show. Looks fantastic.

CLICK HERE for Chris Billington's page

Wall 3

This beautifully detailed construction piece by Robert Woolner just keeps drawing you in. Forget the photograph which was taken through glass. It's exquisite.

CLICK HERE for Robert Woolner's page

Another personal favourite from the very popular Andrew Bird. Andrew lives in Derbyshire but spends a lot of time in Cornwall which inspired this small piece 'Anchorage'. Love it.

CLICK HERE for Andrew Bird's page

A stunning forest scene entitled 'Dawn' from Claire Wiltsher. Claire produces the most spectacular deeply layered paintings of the forest and coast and I always get much pleasure from going to her studio to see her workings. This and all the work on her page have been personally selected and purchased by myself for the gallery collection.

CLICK HERE for Claire Wiltsher's page

Two here from the master himself, Martyn Brewster. Both these small paintings depict Dorset's Hengistbury Head and are more representational than the abstract style for which he is probably better known. A personal favourite as proven by the large amount of his work all around my house.

CLICK HERE for Martyn Brewster's page

John Wells' constructivist work is another of my personal favourites. This perfectly balanced little linocut is called 'Bisected Form' and is beautifully set in a polished oak contemporary frame.

CLICK HERE for John Wells' page

'Post and Blue Horizon' by friend of John Wells and accomplished artist in his own right George Dannatt. Despite a prolific output of work during his lifetime, the quality of Dannatt's work remained consistantly high as proven by this little gem.

CLICK HERE for George Dannatt's page

Not the usual thing from The ARThouse Gallery but can it get any more seasonal than this?
A snowscene from Jorge Aguilar, one of three delightful watercolours taken in part exchange by the gallery. All are in mint condition and superbly framed.

CLICK HERE for Jorge Aguilar's page

Frances Hatch made a big impression when  she exhibited with us at the Russell-Cotes Art Gallery and Museum back in September. The highest selling in the series of shows.
Here is a small painting which captures the essence of her unique painting method which uses materials found on location to amazing effect. Called 'Day Moon', this shows the cliffs below Ballard Down, one of her favourite haunts.
No home should be without one - good for the soul.

CLICK HERE for Frances Hatch's page

If you like wildlife paintings then meet Sasha, beautifully painted by Lauren Bissell who has yet to receive the recognition and fame she fully deserves. Most of Lauren's paintings are based on the residents of Marwell Zoo with whom she works regularly.

CLICK HERE for Lauren Bissell's page

Peter Davies is best known for the 20 plus books and the numerous articles he has written on art but somehow he finds the time to add to his splendid portfolio of reduction linocuts which are all produced at Poole Printmakers (which was the creation of John Liddell who is featured at the top of this page).
This charming piece is called 'Wooden Seagull St Ives'. I do like the way Peter saves me valuable time not having to explain the subject.

CLICK HERE to see Peter Davies' page

Sometimes the small ones can be the best ones. This in my view is the case here with this earlyish work by Peter Joyce. Entitled 'Looking over the Cliff' it really has caught the essence of the subject. A little gem.

CLICK HERE for Peter Joyce's page

An interesting painting from Geoffrey Robinson, selected because I like its quirkiness and what better subject than a Casserole for these short winter days - just right for the kitchen wall. A local man, Geoff has gained an enviable national reputation over recent years.

CLICK HERE for Geoffrey Robinson's page

Sharply observed self-portrait pencil drawing by Sven Berlin.

This larger than life character was one of the original St Ives group of artists who having upset just about everyone in sight spent the rest of his life in and around the New Forest. Some of his best paintings depict the lives of the Gypsies whom he befriended and lived amongst in the post-war years.

CLICK HERE for Sven Berlin's page

One of my favourite artists at her very best - Teresa Lawton - 'Fallen Stars'.

CLICK HERE for Teresa Lawton's page

'Drawing the Curtains' by Richard Price, one in a collection of Richard's work hand-picked and acquired by the gallery. These beautiful 'painterly' pieces typically play with reflections as here.

CLICK HERE for Richard Price's page

Here's something from Clare Shervin that really is completely different. Clare makes a painting in the traditional way which she then scans and digitally remasters to amazing effect. This selected piece entitled Evolution sits on my wall beautifully. Magical.

CLICK HERE for Clare Shervin's page

Ann Wilson

We also carry wide selection of studio pottery by a number of well known and highly collectable ceramicists.

Click on the image to go to the artists page in each case.

Mary-Jane Evans
Mike Braisher

Sarah Purvey



Wednesday, 11 September 2013

RECENT ARRIVALS - Prunella Clough, Basil Beattie, Roy Turner Durrant, Vanessa Gardiner ......


While I have been busy over recent months putting together The ARThouse Gallery shows at the Russell-Cotes Art Gallery and Museum here in Bournemouth, I have also been quietly adding some splendid new pieces to the gallery stock. I have picked out a few to draw your attention to, all of which can be seen on the website for further information.

I can always be contacted on 07712 933804 or paul@paulwatts.net if there is anything you wish to view.

First up is this splendid mint condition collage and pastel by Prunella Clough. Photographs can never do justice to work like this, particularly when they are under glass - it really does have to be seen in the flesh. I purchased it from an Architect in London who aquired it years ago from Clough's London dealer Annely Juda. He is looking to downsize and my gruelling trip to London to collect it was well worth while particularly as he also has a great collection of Modernist furniture that I have my eye on.


Bought this magnificent piece by Basil Beattie RA from an antique dealer who purchased it with the contents of an old London club. Not quite his thing I am delighted to say, so here it is with yours truly.
It's pretty big, so ideally suited to a spacious modern room or perhaps a business reception area or boardroom.


This delightful little gem by Roy Turner Durrant is new in this week. Durrant is becoming increasingly collectable following considerable exposure since his death including a book by art historian Peter Davies and a solo show of his work in Cork Street.
Be surprised if I have it for long.

http://www.thearthousegallery.org  /product.aspx?product_id=1211

Also have just taken in this cracking little oil painting entitled Chalk Edge (2009) by Teresa Lawton. Teresa's work is a personal favourite, I have them all over my house but there comes a point, so my wife tells me, that you just have to let someboby else have a chance. So here's yours............

Following a very well received show of her work in the Landscape Variations show at the Russell-Cotes I now have some carefully chosen pieces in the gallery by Vanessa Gardiner.
Vanessa has had many successful solo shows in London and had 2 of her striking geometric coastal forms in this year's RA Summer Show, both of which sold very quickly.


Finally, something completely different........ I am delighted to welcome Phyllis Wolff as the first of The ARThouse Gallery's online artists.

All her work can be seen in her studio which is set in the beautiful North Dorset countryside and from where she gains her inspiration. There is a link from our website straight to hers.



Monday, 2 September 2013

Frances Hatch

Hung this superb show by Frances Hatch today.

Entitled 'White Stacked, Golden Capped' these extraordinary paintings were largely made on location along the Jurassic Coast using materials found on site giving them a unique and almost sculptural quality.

They field a depth both physical and emotive that cannot be captured by a photograph and experiencing the intensity and sensitivity they emit in the flesh is a revelation.

Do not miss this. A true one-off experience.

For further information on the paintings and to see the Artist's Statement go to:-


Pots by Sarah Purvey



Monday, 29 July 2013

Stephen Bishop ROMA

Another busy day hanging at the Russell-Cotes Art Gallery & Museum. This time a solo show that I commissioned last year from Stephen Bishop.
Stephen and I share an interest in the traditional Romany Gypsy way of life and it seemed to me a show focusing on this would be a natural extension to his highly successful 'Other World' exhibition we held two years ago in The ARThouse Gallery premises Post Office Road.
I am completely delighted with the outcome. Stephen has risen to the challenge and produced an excellent body of work entitled 'Roma' which is shown in the installation shots below. As always, this can only give you a taster and the paintings have to be seen in the flesh to be fully appreciated. Make a point of going to see it.
The show runs until 2nd September and the Private View is this Saturday 3rd August from 11am to 3pm. Entry to the exhibition is free.

The paintings are complemented by superb ceramics from Mike Braisher, Mary-Jane Evans, Sarah Purvey and Ann Wilson as well as innovative sculptural work from Hans van Bemmelen.

For further information and images go to  http://www.thearthousegallery.org/stephen-bishop.aspx