Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Songs of the Far Journey - Kate Walters & Gerry Dudgeon

Here is a selection of shots taken this morning of the new installation at the Russell-Cotes Art Gallery & Museum.
The exhibition features new and recent work by Gerry Dudgeon and Kate Walters with superb ceramics by Mary-Jane Evans, Sarah Purvey and Ann Wilson.

Further details of the paintings can be found at



Kate Walters and Gerry Dudgeon
Songs of the Far Journey

Two artists from the south West explore and express different aspects of journeys and journeying. When Kate was teaching and working locally, she lived in Beaminster, where she first came upon the work of Gerry Dudgeon – she has long been an admirer of his work. A series of intense inner experiences led her to her own exploration of the far west – West Penwith in Cornwall, where she now lives.
Living in West Dorset Gerry is fascinated by the way the landscape has been shaped by geological forces and by past generations of people who have worked the land. In this context the journey is both an expedition back through time to an ancient past and an exploration of the landscape along tracks and hedgerows to the distant sea. Similar preoccupations with layers of time and the culture of the indigenous Berber people exist in Gerry’s Moroccan paintings, where his love of strong colour is given full rein, referring both to the hues of the Atlas Mountains and to Islamic ceramics, mosaics and carpets.
Gerry exhibits at Quantum Contemporary Art and is a regular exhibitor at the Royal Academy and the New English Art Club.                                
Kate’s work is motivated by intense bodily impulses, and a need to begin to understand and make sense of the glimpses she is offered during dreams, daydreams, whilst listening to music or reading poetry. She studied classical shamanism for many years and those teachings are incorporated into her work. An interest in deep ecology and feminism also informs her practice. Kate’s works are made using watercolour onto surfaces she prepares with gesso, or with drawing mediums onto paper. Each work has its own trajectory and own story which is revealed by patient attention to the work, and by letting go of what is already known or thought about.
Kate is a gardener and lives her life with animal and plant companions, who teach her about beauty, courage, steadfastness, and loyalty. Her work has twice been short listed for the Jerwood Drawing Prize, and shown at the Royal Academy, Discerning Eye, and she recently had a very successful and critically acclaimed solo show at Newlyn Art Gallery. Kate exhibits regularly at Millennium in St. Ives.


Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Larry Ham

The ARThouse Gallery's Larry Ham exhibition at the Russell-Cotes Art Gallery & Museum has drawn interest from far and wide.

Born in Newquay, Ham spent over 50 years living quietly on Guernsey with his wife Paddy until his death in 2007.

His work has since been brought to the attention of a much larger audience following the publication of his biography by writer, painter, printmaker and art historian Peter Davies.

This is the third major exhibition on the mainland following successful shows at the Belgrave Gallery in St Ives and the Katherine House Gallery in Marlborough.
His work is also in the permanent collection of the Guernsey Museum.