Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Animali Selvatici

OK, so this exhibition is not the usual fare, but I thought it would make a refreshing change as well as to draw attention to the fine menagerie that lives within The ARThouse Gallery collection!


What better way to start than this magnificent beast painted by Malawi wildlife specialist David Kelly. It's a large, impressive oil painting and the colours are extraordinary.

This scene delicately depicting Antelope is also by David Kelly. I suspect they're keeping a close watch for our friend above.

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Not to everyone's taste, but a terrific sense of movement here and let's just hope he got away!

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This happy looking fella was one of two lithographs I bought by Graham Sutherland. The other is now sold so loving new home sought......

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Please let me explain.........

These are two lithographs from a series of 12 images made by Joan Miro for a book titled 'Le Lezard aux Plumes d'Or' or the lizard with the golden feathers. Nothing unusual there then. I think they are splendid and rival any of his original prints shown in the exhibition of his work at The Tate.


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Three interesing pieces here from the master of printmaking John Liddell. The two fish ones are monoprints produced using a linocut stencil and so are each quite unique. Think the terrapin is great fun.

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Three splendid beasts from wildlife specialist Lauren Bissell; all residents of Marwell with which she has a close association.

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Two stunning bronze sculptures here by Paul Kidby. Paul is widely known for illustrating Terry Pratchett's books but to my mind this is where his real talent lies. The black panther named 'Obsidian' is truly spectacular when seen in the 'flesh'.

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We're off for a trip to Newquay Zoo now to see the zebra courtesy of Peter Davies in this quirky linocut which never ceases to amuse me. Peter is a serious writer, having written over 20 books and numerous articles on art. He has an encyclopaedic knowledge of the lives and work of post war artists yet shows a delightful lightness of touch in his own paintings.

Just to prove my point, this is another linocut showing a wooden seagull in his favourite haunt - St Ive's.

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These two very large watercolours are early pieces by Rozanne Bell and are presently looking spectacular hung on my landing. Strong, confident work and I hope Rozanne will return to this kind of thing when she has finished with making her fortune producing harbour scenes etc for the masses.

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More lithographs here, this time from French artist Leon Danchin who specialised in producing sporting dogs in the first half of the 20th C. Pointers in this case - hope you agree, he captures them beautifully.

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This very large oil painting from Stephen Bishop can presently be seen hanging above our sideboard. It looks magnificent and serves as a reminder, as if we needed one, of what's making all the racket outside the house half the time.

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And finally but certainly not least a couple of gems from Sven Berlin. A true master of the unusual and of sneaking himself into the picture!

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