Monday, 17 March 2014

TRIP TO LONDON - Paul Klee, David Bailey .....

Went up to London a couple of weeks ago to see the David Bailey and Paul Klee exhibitions. Both sit high on my list of favourite artists yet neither exhibition impressed as I had hoped. I think that the selection of Klee's work at the Tate Modern was far from being his best and I left somewhat deflated. Bailey's work at the Portrait Gallery was up to expectations but with much of the subject matter having been in the public domain for years in books, magazines and more recently the internet there was a sense of having seen it all before even if that was not strictly true. His recent interview with Mark Lawson was far more entertaining and revealing in my view.

Anyway, it was a bright day and I decided to walk between the two venues and then back to Waterloo - didn't use the travelcard once! Here's a series of photos I took along the way. If you ever come across the tightrope walker on your travels, do take the time out to watch his act - a true master of entertainment, playing the audience as few could do.

Click once on any of the photos for larger image.

................ and before you ask - yeah I really do think I'm f****** David Bailey.


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