Sunday, 4 May 2014

Sea Mist

Here's a sequence of shots I took over the course of just a few minutes last month as a very heavy sea mist rolled in at Hengistbury Head - aided and abetted by the Saraha Desert we were told.

Easter Lambs

Couldn't resist stopping and grabbing some shots of these characters as I was driving through Cranborne Chase over the Easter holiday ......

And then met up with these a bit later on in the Nadder Valley ......



Taken at Morden Bog in Wareham Forest




Around Old Poole & The Quay

A selection of images taken during a couple of recent short walks around the quay and old town in Poole


Now here's a character ...

Several fishing boats (shown in the above photo) were unloading their catches when this fella turned up with a keen eye on these brightly coloured sacks of large crabs.

He started off as you can see by meticulously trying to unpick the netting, but after 3 or 4 minutes of that, gave up and decided to smash his way through the net and the shells to successfully pull out the fresh crabmeat.

Two lovely little clinker fishing boats here ....

Just hope their owners continue to maintain them to such a high standard. Would hate to see them end up like this next one........

Remnant from the recent storms - a navigation cone snapped off its pole and washed up onto the shore at Baiter.

Taken straight into brilliant low sunshine. Got away with it - just.